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Dr. Safa Nassereldin

ALQUDS University Vice President for Jerusalem Affairs, Former Minister of Telecom and IT.

Dr. Eng. Safa Nassereldin is a well-recognized Palestinian leader and community person, she headed the Ministry of Telecom & Information Technology (2012-2014) and successfully introduced positive change by enabling a competitive environment for Telecom. She is currently Vice President of Alquds University in Jerusalem. She is also an elected member in the General Union of Palestinian Engineers. 

Dr. Nassereldin was elected as the Chairwoman and board member of the FTTH Council MENA, She is an active member in the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, 2013-now, Board of Directors (BOD) and Head of incubation and motivation committee. She is also an active member in the Engineers Association. She holds a strong vision for the Palestinian Community through Education and learning.