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Mr. Iyad Qumsieh

President & CEO of PalPay

A visionary technologist, Iyad K. Qumsieh, has pioneered in laying the foundation of many delivery models and emerging technology formats, defining the technology of the 21st century enabled by digitization, in Palestine.

He is driven by a fundamental belief – to build a company intrinsically committed to customer benefit, with the conviction that success will eventually and inevitably follow. His unflinching commitment to a ‘Customer First’ approach is visible in every aspect of the business and every employee within the company. Qumsieh is a passionate advocate of sustainability and diversity, and models his business to provide solutions that stand the test of time and change. His efforts towards this end have brought a successful collaboration with Bank of Palestine in launching the hugely successful e-payment gateway, PalPay.

An accomplished business leader with extensive experience in innovation and development, he has time and again proven the expertise of his organization with state-of-the-art products and solutions.

Holding a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering, Qumsieh’s strategic leadership drives the strength and scalability of the company, to achieve higher levels of customer intimacy and assist them in their technological journey.

With an inimitable leadership quality, combined with an acute focus on customer experience, Iyad K. Qumsieh has made PalPay the first Electronic Payment Service Provider in Palestine.