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Advocacy at EXPOTECH

Building a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem depends heavily on business leaders, policy makers and regulators by working together to pursue mutual beneficial objectives. They must fully understand the role that ICT is playing in such an increasingly dynamic digital economy. Expotech is playing a part in facilitating the private-public sector partnership in order to address major trends and challenges in the tech industry sectors for the greater good. It advocates digital policies and regulatory frameworks, that were once designed to serve the less dynamic and uncertain environment, to be redesigned to encourage innovation and investment for the long-term.


3 competition & digital contests. 50,000 visitors, the biggest number in the Expotech history.
15 technology seminars. 61 participating exhibitors including start-ups.
3-day exhibition in Gaza & 2 in Ramallah. 800 local & international key figures of the ICT sector in Palestine.