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EXPOTECH 2018 Objectives

If you aim to set digital objectives for a BETTER FUTURE, Expotech is the right place for you!


  • Engage Palestinian innovators and mindsets in the event through networking with a wider pool of tech enthusiasts and experts.
  • Create an environment that enables convergence with professionals and experts and be updated with the latest trends in the ICT sector.
  • Connect the ICT sector in Palestine with trendy topics on the global level such as Fintech, e-payment, block chain and more.
  • Facilitate the private-public sector partnership through open dialogue in order to address some of the major trends and challenges in the tech industry sector for the greater good.
  • Spread awareness about the need for adopting strategic thinking approaches and setting a new era of leadership and a new generation of business models that conform to the latest technology solutions.
  • Provide a great platform to learn about new technology & trends and offer innovative solutions in ongoing technologies.
  • Expose many facets of technology through exploring the wide range of roles that technology can play in health, agricultural, educational, financial, economic and industrial sectors.
  • Uncover new perspectives and ideas that will help startups, entrepreneurs and innovators master the smart adoptions that will help them advance.