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Mr. Srinivas Krishna

Senior Director, UK, Quality Assurance and Business Development SME.

Srinivas is a Business Process Outsourcing Professional with significant leadership experience in designing and building institutional and individual capacity to manage outsourced business models. A Sloan Fellow of the London Business School, with extensive experience in global outsourcing, design and execution of global sourcing strategy, economics of global service models, contract structures, governance frameworks and protocols, and transformation programmes.

Latterly, he was a Finance Director with Microsoft responsible for Shared Services Strategy, Economics and Contracts for its Global Finance Operations function. Srinivas has significant experience assisting clients in supplier selection and location analysis across multiple business processes and voice based activities and creating collaborative relationships. At Microsoft, he led supplier and location selection in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

A prolific writer and presenter on outsourcing and shared services, Srinivas was recognized by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network for his contribution and through leadership to the Outsourcing industry.